Hellenic Scripture Union

for the child and the elderly


a warm friendly home for the elderly

What is Bethel?

Bethel is the facility in which the offices and publications of the Hellenic Scripture Union, as well as the Youth Centre are stationed.

Bethel Scholarships

The Hellenic Scripture Union, in its endeavor to serve the needs of young people, offers student scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.
a) A consistent spiritual life and service of the Evangelical Community
b) Performance in studies or work.
c) Financial situation of the student and their family.
Bethel is open to cooperation with other charity organizations in Greece and abroad.


The facilities of Bethel offer space in which various camping programs are held for children and teenagers. There are rooms for staying, a dining room, a room for various events with a fireplace, an arts and crafts room, a library and a yard with courts and a playground.


Bethel offers space for various camping programs for children and teenagers.


Arts & crafts and creative activities for children and teenagers.


We accommodate teams from abroad, offering tours in biblical and archaeological sites of Greece.

What is Lois?

Lois, a warm friendly home for the elderly who’s goal is to serve their needs with love and care. Here, every elderly person will find a welcoming environment, ready to serve his needs, but also a realization that life is still beautiful and exciting!

Lois Entrance Envelope

a) Complete the entrance application (either a relative or the person interested)
b) The clinician of the said person completes the form, signs and seals the medical certificate and the medical treatment.
c) Acknowledgement and signing of the Contract d) Send the above documents by post, email, fax or bring them to our address.

View also the List of necessary items as well as the Internal Regulations of Lois.
If you are an elderly person, don’t try to change yourself, change the environment around you.


The purpose of Lois is the care of elderly who intend to live in a Christian environment. It offers them a healthy, comfortable and safe residence, appropriate diet, care for their personal hygiene and provision for a happy stay and activities.

Nursing Staff

Trained and experienced staff on a 24-hour basis as well as constant medical attendance.

Medical attendance

Medical attendance by a Pathologist and Psychiatrist, as well as reliable administrative and auxiliary staff.

Specialized services

Specialized care services of restoration and recovery and palliative care.

Help at home

Lois operates pilot programs for elderly care at home. The complete, individual and continuous care at the patient’s home is the main goal of this program. Our aim is the organization and coordination of mandatory services that the elderly person needs.

Ελληνικός Βιβλικός Σύνδεσμος

For the child and the elderly

Address: 77 Levidou St., 14563 Kifissia, GREECE

 Phone: 2108085843
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